Over the years, the question has arisen time and again:  “Why not eliminate the swimming pool and the expenses associated with it to reduce our costs and our fees?” The fact is that it would require the agreement of 100% of the unit owners AND their mortgage holders to eliminate any common element.  Per our 2017 budget, the cost of maintaining the Pool is just 3.09% of our overall budget, a cost of $5.25 per month for each unit.

Whether you use the pool, the dog park, the clubhouse, or any amenity provided as part of your ownership at Casa Village, you benefit from it through the increased value in your property.  It is the legal responsibility of the Board of Directors to maintain these common elements to the best of our ability, and to ensure that the desirability of value of our community is a whole.  We take pride in our community and will continually strive to improve our value and to provide the best services possible.  If you have any ideas about how to help improve our community, please let us know!


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