An open meeting was held on December 13th to present the Operating Budget for Fiscal 2018.  The meeting was attended by 8 unit owners.  There were no questions concerning the budget, and the budget was automatically approved as written.  The monthly fee of $170 remains the same for Fiscal 2018.

Townhouse unit owners with detached garages will be responsible for repairs to these buildings.  Because of the extent of the renovations to the units, we have determined that these garages must be updated and repaired to meet the same level of appearance as the rest of the buildings.  New roofing is provided as part of the coverage of the insurance claim, but in most cases the siding, soffit, fascia and guttering will be an additional expense to be borne by the unit owners.  These unit owners will have three choices… to complete repairs, to sell the garage to another unit owner, or to have the garage demolished.

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