Work is progressing with the roof replacements, and at this time only one building remains to be roofed.  The first picture above shows an example of the buildings with the actual new roofs in place.  The Architectural shingles selected by the Board will provide a long life and drastically improve the appearance of the buildings.  Additionally, these shingles are designed to repel staining and should withstand winds up to 150 mph without damage, and are much more resilient to hail damage.

The second picture is a mock-up based upon the remaining product selections that will be installed in phase 2 of the renovation, which will most likely start in early Spring 2018.  The new siding is a “Dutch-Lap” siding which is more durable and provides a flat surface appearance.  The new color is “Natural Clay,” which is more of a light taupe or tan than Almond.  The soffit, fascia, guttering, vents and trim on the buildings will be white, which will replace all of the brown items.  Shutters on the Townhouses will be updated to a Merlot color, which is a dark burgundy.  We will also be adding metal trim and new weatherstripping to all garage doors, and the doors will be painted white.

We are also revising our Resolution 2011-27 to require all front doors, screen doors and associated trim to be White.  Unit owners will have the opportunity to separately contract with our contractor, AmBASSador’s Contracting, to have their exterior doors painted as part of the process.

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