We’ve had a lot of activity in the neighborhood this past Summer:

The renovation work is nearly complete on most of the buildings.  At this point there are five that still require new siding, soffit, fascia and gutters.  Work on these buildings has been delayed to give the unit owners time to complete repairs and modifications required to complete the installation of the new siding.  Very soon the contractor will be painting all of the brown garage doors white, adding weatherstripping to these doors, and installing new the shutters on all of the townhouses.  We plan to continue work on the remaining buildings shortly.  Barring issues, we expect the project to be completed by Thanksgiving.

We also changed lawn care companies late this year.  We’ve removed the overgrowth and scrub and restored the drainage culverts and basins to their original state.  Grading and seeding will enable these areas to be cared for as part of the normal maintenance process, and should enable storm water to carry off the property better, and now meets the City’s guidelines for maintenance.   Lawns have aerated, fertilized and seeded to promote a healthy lawns for next Spring.

So many of the residents have stepped up to make improvements to their units as part of the process, and we want to thank you.  This has been a long, complex process and we so appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation throughout the renovation process.  All of the effort and investment not only improves the appearance of our community, but is already having a significantly positive impact upon property values.


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